Dan Solcan

History professor

Dan Solcan has been a history teacher since 1992. He has worked with students not only in class hours (history and history as an optional class), but also outside them (including a very interesting study on a Roma community), in history projects and in related projects. of non-formal education. He is the coordinator of Club 3.14 («a club for making and taking ideas apart»), in which he has collaborated with several hundred students over the last seven years. The Club’s departments are: dance, music, theater, volunteering, essay, photography, drawing / painting, page layout (editing of magazines), film, public speaking (newly established).

He is the coordinator of the theater group ”treivirgulăpaișpe”, in which he has collaborated with about 100 students over the last four years. He is the author of the paper ”La piété chez Plato: Une lecture conjuguée de l’Euthyphron et de l’Apologie de Socrate”, Paris, L’Harmattan, 2009.

Activities delivered by Dan Solcan:
"Round table: "Lost and Found - Vitality in Communities"" (Conference: Saturday, October 26th, 11.00 - 12.30)