We are enthusiastic to invite you to the 13th edition of the Romanian National Conference on Transactional Analysis, on the topic of “Vitality Lost and Found”, which will take place in Bucharest during October 26th – 27th 2019.

The event will also include a preconference on October 25th and a postconference on October 28th.

With this event, we are addressing several types of participants:
– educators and parents;
– professionals in the organisational field (coaching, training, HR), as well as those working with groups;
– psychotherapists, whether experienced or in training.

Besides the information in this site, you can find more (mostly in Romanian) on the Facebook pages:
Conferința ARAT 2019;
Asociația Română de Analiză Tranzacțională.
The character Ivi will accompany you as a guide.

See you there!