Vitality Lost and Found in Depression: a Relational TA Approach

Cristina Petrescu (PTSTA-P)

Conference: Sunday, October 27th, 11.30 - 13.15

Depression is a widely spread impairment, with multiple forms of manifestation. Many of the symptoms found in the depressed client/patient share the common element of a loss of vitality (lack of hope, sadness, loss of the capacity to decide, to enjoy, to work or to recover through food or sleep). Regaining vitality needs a therapeutic approach of the causes and supporting the client/patient to give new meaning to past experiences.

The subjects include: the role of loss in depression, reactivation and recycling of early trauma (“the rubber band”), the role of impasse in losing vitality, the role of grief work and of the therapeutic relationship in regaining vitality in the depressed patient.

The work methods used will be presentation, examples, conversation, individual and group exercises, case study.

The workshop is addressed to clinical psychologists and psychotherapists at all levels of experience. Organisational psychologists are also invited to participate.