The Culture of Revitalizing Motivation

Mihaela Brînzoi (Organisational consultant, Trainer, Transactional Analyst under supervision in the field of Organisations)

Oana Niculae (Professional coach)

Preconference: Friday, October 25th, 16.00 - 20.00

Mihaela and Oana ask the question whether, in a world of permanent change and in an environment whose culture is constantly challenged, we have the exercise of asking questions to confront the usual ways in which we give meaning to experience, but also to facilitate new insights in the learning process of individuals, teams and the organisation as a system.

This curiosity was the starting point for the idea of this workshop and for the invitation, addressed to you, to enroll for exploring together the role that leaders have in getting commitment from a team going through change, in maintaining motivation despite the necessary effort, and in inspiring team members’ contribution while they are traveling towards their goals.

Through your involvement in this workshop, you will have the opportunity to discover two models for intervention, analysis and change, and to experience work situations in small groups and theory based interactions in the large group.

The working models proposed come from Transactional Analysis (concepts from “The structure and dynamics of groups” – E. Berne, 1966) and from the Points of You® system (through the instruments of The Coaching Game and Faces).

This workshop can be relevant for professionals in the fields of HR, recruitment, entrepreneurship, project management, leadership, NGOs, education, training, consultancy, coaching, those involved in the process of organisational learning and development.