Cycles of Development

Giles Barrow (TSTA-E)

Preconference: Friday, October 25th, 16.00 - 20.00

This workshop is sold out!

This event is aimed at educators and parents and intends to support their interaction with children. Although each child is unique, it is possible to talk of certain behaviours typical of an age, as well as characteristic emotional needs depending on the developmental stages, and their knowledge plays an important role.

Therefore, by including the practical experiences of the participants, the workshop will provide a space for reflection on what it means to be an educator or parent, and what are the challenges encountered. Thus, during the workshop, Giles will present a time line of the emotional development stages of children. This perspective provides practical information on useful behaviors in relation to each age group.

We will call up some theoretical concepts that we will approach through short lectures, group discussions and dyads.

Through this framework we want participants to find the levers to encourage growth areas within themselves, and further within those they work with.

We invite you with openness and a desire to learn in this excursion into this year’s preconference!