From Dependency to Autonomy. Where Is the Energy?

Daniela Simache (CTA-P)

Conference: Saturday, October 26th, 14.00 - 15.45

What happens when someone is addicted to something? When energy and freedom are artificially conditioned by the intake of certain substances, by the execution of only certain activities, or by the permanent connection to only certain persons?

The workshop aims to present the way in which an individual’s vital energy can be subordinated (in a destructive manner, in the case of addictions) to a personal script which leads to trauma under the impact of transgenerational and/or cultural script. The workshop also aims to support the participants in identifying the way in which vital energy can overcome the script barriers and can lead to autonomy.

The starting point will be an interactive presentation of the concept of cultural script (J. White, T. White, 1975) and of its links to the addictive process (James, 1984; G. Noriega, 2002, 2004). This will be accompanied by case studies and activities in small groups (debates and problem solving). The methods used will include script analysis, transaction analysis, and ego states diagnosis (with a focus on historical diagnosis).

The workshop is addressed first of all to psychotherapists, and also to all those interested in the victory of Physis over the script and in connecting to their own vital energy.