All People are OK

Claudia Buzoianu (Psychotherapist)

Conference: Saturday, October 26th, 14.00 - 15.45

“We’re all loose in the head!”

Starting with information from neurosciences (such as Porges’s polyvagal theory) I will highlight John Parr’s perspective on how ego states develop. I will refer to Laurence Heller, NARM – the neuro-affective relational model in order to avoid, based on my practical experience, the strengths and limitation of the AT model in therapy. I will refer to the concept of trauma as „a biological fact, not a psychological one” (P. Levine) and I will show that „by understanding the biology of trauma we will be able to see how we can help and transform the trauma” (P. Levine) so that we can it is possible to experience natural vitality and goodwill.

The traumatic situation involves the confiscation of the vitality for adaptive reasons, which is equivalent to a frame of reference that assumes that one’s position is not ok; healing involves finding authenticity, creativity, intimacy, reconnecting with the body, with the emotions, with the world.

The approach will be interactive with spaces to facilitate awareness of one’s experience. The workshop is aimed specifically at psychotherapists. All those interested in the subject are welcome.