Nicoleta Gheorghe

Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst in the field of Psychotherapy (TSTA-P)

Nicoleta Gheorghe is an experienced psychotherapist, a trainer and supervisor dedicated and open to learning, whose main professional purpose is to facilitate (re) gain the identity and freedom of her clients. She initiated and strengthened two training groups and a private supervision practice in Bucharest. She uses different approaches to transactional analysis, having a special interest in learning and applying relational TA in both clinical practice and supervision and training. She has held workshops at various national and international conferences, and has been actively and intensely involved in the life of the national and international TA community, promoting her interests in the tumultuous landscape of psychotherapy in Romania. She published the chapter dedicated to Transactional Analysis in the volume of Romanian Psychotherapy Stories, published in the Three Publishing House, and articles in the ITAA newsletter, The Script and in the TAJ.

Activities delivered by Nicoleta Gheorghe:
"Professional Vitality Lost and Found through Supervision" (Conference: Saturday, October 26th, 16.15 - 18.00)
"Round table: "Resilience and Vitality. Important Factors"" (Conference: Sunday, October 27th, 09.30 - 11.00)