The Restart Button and the Relationship with the Child

Sorina Vrană (Psychotherapist)

Conference: Sunday, October 27th, 14.45 - 16.30

Would you like to not feel nervous anymore, but rather more anchored / focused on yourself? Would you like to not take all the children’s cravings personally, to stop feeling triggered anymore? But instead to have the whole framework / wider perspective in mind?

The most recent research in the field of neuroscience has highlighted the major importance of the need for connection of babies and the impact of their satisfactory satisfaction in the way in which the type of attachment is later shaped.

Meeting this need by the significant adults in the child’s life will ensure their emotional security / safety, and thus, in adolescence and then adults will have the ability to cope with peer pressure and to say “no” to potential problem situations, to focus on identifying more options for solving difficulties.

By restructuring and remodeling the parental models, the premises of changing the type of attachment are created and thus the involvement in significantly improved relationships, including with ourselves, a contribution in this regard also having access to vital energy.

We invite you to explore together effective ways of identifying and differentiating concepts such as symbiosis (Schiff & Schiff, 1971), attachment (Bowlby, 1971 and Mahler, Pine, and Bergman, 1975), autonomy (Berne, 1964, Hay 2017). With the help of activities in small groups (debates, brainstorming) we will practice specific methods (transaction analysis, Ego States diagnosis).

At the end of this workshop you will have several clues on how you can facilitate the creation of significantly improved attachment relationships, how much it is necessary to be present near the child, when it is appropriate to support independence.

The workshop is addressed to all those who interact in their activity with children, of any age.