Only Those Who Don’t Work Don’t Make Mistakes

Karina Heiligers (PTSTA-P)

Conference: Sunday, October 27th, 14.45 - 16.30

Errors in psychotherapy lead to losing the vitality or even to the death of the relationship or sometimes they can be an opportunity to bring or to regain vitality in the therapeutic work?

As therapists, being interested in helping people, we want to do our best for our clients. In our profession we are there for them and we want to facilitate the support, the growth and the development of our clients and also for ourself. When we do and say everything with the best intentions, we feel so much shame inside when something is going wrong and sometimes the relationship is ending suddenly and unpleasantly… And when we feel shame, it is so difficult to talk about what happened with our supervisors or peers, to seek understanding and support, or even sometimes to recognize for ourself that we made unconsciously an error…

Actually, understanding our errors means a lot for understanding the therapeutic process, our limits at that time as therapist, in which direction we need to develop, so, becoming aware of the their significance, represent a great opportunity for growth!

My intention for this workshop is to facilitate a safe space to discuss about the errors which can manifest in the therapy, their significance for the therapist ‘s script and the therapeutic process and how they can be a big factor in losing the vitality and/or the relationship or they are opportunities for awareness, change, vitality and growth.

This workshop is mainly for psychotherapists. I also consider that people for other fields can participate because good intentions, relationships, the unconscious proces and errors are universal.