How Can We Train Our Minds to Accept Change?

Mihaela Brînzoi (Organisational consultant, Trainer, Transactional Analyst under supervision in the field of Organisations)

Conference: Sunday, October 27th, 14.45 - 16.30

We know that change is a process in which we get involved voluntarily, inspired by the perspective of new results. And from that moment we feel encouraged to model traits which anchor us in a personal and professional growth which is consistent and continuous.

A reality on which we might not reflect enough is that, even if we always have the possibility to choose for ourselves, not every choice we make brings us the result we really want. Even more, not always the consequences of our choices support our development.

In this workshop, Mihaela invites the participants to explore the way in which our personal beliefs and experiences keep us stuck in routines lacking perspective and vitality, and also to discover available alternatives to facilitate the transition towards the capacity to think for oneself and to make decisions for change.

Which are my dominant beliefs and how do they help me in my work? What am I neglecting when I want to make changes in my team, without being aware of it? What can I do, as a leader, to increase the chances of an intention for change becoming reality?

Mihaela invites the participants to work together in a setting of mutual respect and curiosity, where work in small groups will alternate with theoretical dialogue in the large group.

The concepts used will be discounting and passive behaviour (Schiff A., Schiff J., 1971), alongside the BARs defined by Julie Hay and the racket system (Erskine R., Zalcman M., 1979).

This workshop can be relevant for professionals in HR, recruiting, entrepreneurship, project management, leadership, NGOs, education, for trainers, consultants, coaches, for all those involved in processes of organisational learning and accountability.